Barn Cat Program

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About the Program

Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward operates a Barn Cat Program where farmers, or rural residents with an adequate space, can adopt a semi-feral cat that would not be suitable as an indoor cat, but would do very well in an outside environment. The cat would require access to a warm dry shelter such as a barn and in return it could help control rodent populations. The adopter is required to provide all the necessities for the cat, including shelter, feed and access to medical care. All cats available through this program are up to date on vaccines and have been spayed or neutered.

Have a large barn? You can adopt multiple barn cats through this program. Staff will also provide you with some useful tips to help your new barn cats adjust to their new environment.

This program is an essential way to provide an opportunity for semi-feral cats to have a happy, meaningful life in surroundings suited to their personalities.

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