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Best Dog Walks in Hastings and Prince Edward

Best Dog Walks in Hastings and Prince Edward

by Eric Carriere, local dog owner and owner/president of The Write On

It’s no secret our local region is home to some great provincial parks, conservation sites, and countless public trails that are perfect for you and your dog.

So, whether you need some time to unwind with your dog or just want a burst of exercise for the both of you, check out these ideal parks and trails for dog walking. And best of all, they’re mostly free (aside from the occasional parking fee). So, get out there and enjoy them while the weather is beautiful!

Zwicks Park in Belleville

Also known as Zwick’s Centennial Park, this green space near the waterfront features a variety of amenities that make it a perfect spot to spend a weekend, including:

  • A playground
  • Picnic tables
  • Concert stages and pavilions
  • Soccer fields

The area is so lively that events like the Belleville Poutine Feast and the occasional concerts happen often here. We sometimes see couples taking wedding photographs here too. Of interest to you though is the off-leash dog park on the east side. Take a walk with your pets in the summer, and be sure to return in the winter to check out the toboggan hill.

Centennial Park in Trenton

Centennial Park is another ideal dog walking location, especially if you happen to be a sports fan. Facilities are available for walking, cycling, baseball, and soccer. Like most parks, we see dog hiking trails running for 3.2 kilometers and playgrounds for the kids.

Unlike other parks, however, there’s also the Duncan McDonald Memorial Community Area, featuring an amphitheater and a skate park among other unique amenities.

The waterfront trail is fully paved and links the park to downtown Trenton. Pets are, of course, allowed as long as you pick up after them. Free parking and accessible washrooms are also available for your next visit.

Trenton Marina Trail

Located right at the mouth of the Trent River, the Trent Port Marina is an endpoint of the Quinte Waterfront Trail. While mostly a popular spot for boaters, it’s also possible to take a short stroll and discover all the restaurants and attractions of downtown Trenton with your dog. New trail extensions are still being developed too, with the latest one beginning in 2019.

Quinte Conservation Areas

History lesson time! Back in 1965, the Prince Edward Region joined other regions in the Quinte Conservation authority headquartered in Belleville, Ontario. Back then, there were concerns from naturalist groups that the province lacked proper controls for protecting natural resources, particularly after concerns of deforestation and drought popped up.

In response, the Quinte Conservation now owns 915 acres, spanning 14 areas across Prince Edward County. And yes, it’s open to the public year-round, making it perfect for dog owners to connect with nature.

Do keep in mind that a parking fee applies here. Pets must be leashed and cleaned up after, and the park advises visitors to stay on the marked trails at all times.

Belleville Waterfront Trail

Running from Wallbridge-Loyalist Road to East Bayshore Park, the Waterfront Trail is the perfect place for you and your dog to witness the true beauty of the Bay of Quinte.

A mix of asphalt paving and an off-road section, the trail runs a few kilometers long and takes a little less than an hour to complete. Most trail rating systems consider it an “easy” route, making it excellent for casual running or dog-walking as long as you bring a leash. Get a nice view of the waterfront, and you might meet a cyclist along the way.

So gear up and hit the trails with your pup in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties. After all, they say a tired dog is a happy dog. 

Did we miss your favourite dog walk? Let us know!

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