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We currently have a lot of adorable cats up for adoption at the shelter.

Here’s the details of just one of them. Jenna is a young gal, just over 2 years old. She is friendly and sweet, with eyes that will melt your heart. Jenna would be well suited for a home with children aged 8+ and a calm cat with a similar relaxed personality. Jenna says NO thank you to dogs, and she won’t be changing her mind on that anytime soon. 

She enjoys being petted and she would be most successful with a slow introduction to her new home. However, once Jenna becomes familiar with her new family, and domain, she will show you her loving disposition and snuggle up on your lap for movie night. 

All adoptions include a Royal Canin information package, as well as samples of dry and wet food. Plus, there’s a $25 voucher from our friends at Ren’s Pets, Belleville.

If you would like to come and meet Jenna, get in touch with the shelter by calling 613 968 4673.

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