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Latte and Bonita

Latte and Bonita

Latte and Bonita, two beautiful and almost identical tabbies right down to the white tips of their tails, had a rough start to their lives prior to arriving at the shelter in March. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together with a special adoption fee.

Bonita, 5 ½ years old, is the more outgoing of the two and loves playing on her cat tree and with her rolling ball toy. While she prefers not to be held, Bonita loves to be stroked and will sit and lay comfortably beside her human companion. She is lively, and alert and… blind! But her lack of sight does not slow her down and it did not take her long to map out the location of her perch and cat tree which she nimbly climbs.

Latte, 4 ½ years old, is more retiring and less outgoing. Also a ‘four-on-the-floor’ feline, she will require gradual introductions to human interaction. She also enjoys playing with her many toys and looking out for Bonita.

The best way to tell them apart is that Bonita is a polydactyl (extra toes) and Latte is not.

This special pair is looking for a loving home, adults only or with respectful children 8+ years. Like all cat introductions to a new environment, and especially with Bonita’s vision impairment, they should be housed in a spare room to acclimatize. We feel they would do well with other cats and are curious about dogs. They have not been dog tested but this can be arranged with an approved application.

Latte and Bonita’s adoption fee of $150 for the pair includes: spays, microchip, vaccinations, deworming, an adoption package from Royal Canin and a gift card from Ren’s Pets.

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