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Mr Socks

Mr Socks

Mr. Socks, a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, can’t wait to find his forever home. Not only is he super sweet he is a people watcher and loves to sit on top of his hidey house and look around.

Like all rabbits in HSHPE care, Mr. Socks is provided a litter box to work on litter training while waiting for for his forever home. He will require a large living space (an exercise pen is ideal) and plenty of time outside of his enclosure to exercise and play. Rabbits will not thrive if left in a small cage, this is a cruel and sad existence that often creates behavioural and medical issues. Providing your new companion attention, exercise, enrichment items, hideouts and toys will ensure they live a happy, healthy, and mentally stimulating life.

As always, please do your research on rabbit behaviour, heath, nutrition, and general care before applying to adopt. Rabbits are considered exotic pets that require specialized care (including vet care!) and live 10+ years if properly cared for. They make amazing companions but are not low maintenance or starter pets.

Mr. Socks can’t wait to meet you! Come on in during open hours to spend some time with him and decide if he will make the perfect addition to your family!

Adoption fee will include spay surgeries and a gift card from Ren’s Pets!

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