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New Quinte West pound contract approved

New  Quinte West pound contract approved

BELLEVILLE – Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward (HSHPE) representatives are expressing their gratitude to Quinte West staff and Council members after a new pound contract with the City was approved by Council yesterday.

The new contract, presented in Quinte West by-law 24-040, provides funding to HSHPE per animal and per services rendered, as opposed to the previous contract which was based on annual flat rate.

This new fee-for-service agreement lays out a funding schedule for Quinte West animals that come into the shelter, with HSHPE being paid a fixed rate for food and shelter costs as well as standard care costs, such as microchips, parasite treatment and vaccinations. In addition, HSHPE will be reimbursed as needed for veterinary costs incurred, spay/neuters, injury treatments, etc.

“This is a really positive development for animals and residents in Quinte West,” said Greg Sudds, HSHPE board chair. “This new approach will provide better accountability for Quinte West taxpayers while at the same time allowing HSHPE to be fairly compensated, even when animal intakes increase, like they did in 2023,” commented Sudds.

“The City is pleased to sign this new agreement with HSHPE to ensure their valuable service and continued community-based programming supporting the welfare and care of local animals is available in Quinte West,” said City of Quinte West Mayor Jim Harrison.

Quinte West by-law 24-040 outlines HSHPE’s obligations to receive and care for stray and surrendered animals, assist in reuniting lost animals with owners, and find new homes for unclaimed strays. It also commits HSHPE to public education and promotion of animal welfare.

In 2023, HSHPE took in 371 animals from Quinte West animal control and residents, up 11 percent from 2022.

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