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Meet Skipper, a Lionhead rabbit, who came into the care of HSHPE in mid-July. A young boy, he’s just 7 months old and has a beautiful brown and grey coat. His most distinctive feature is his “lion’s mane” of wooly fur on his head, cheeks and chin as well as on his hind legs. He is a good boy, but very timid and will require patience to bring him around to enjoy being petted.

Like all rabbits in HSHPE care, Skipper is provided a litter box to work on litter training while waiting for his forever home. Despite his small size, he will require a large living space – an exercise pen is ideal – and plenty of time outside of his enclosure to exercise and play. Rabbits will not thrive if left in a small cage and providing your new companion attention, exercise enrichment items, hideouts and toys will ensure they live a happy, healthy and mentally stimulating life.

As always, please do your research on rabbit behavior, health, nutrition and general care before applying to adopt. Rabbits are considered exotic pets that required specialized care, including visits to a veterinarian. They can live to 10+ years if properly cared for. They make amazing companions but are not low maintenance or starter pets.

A quiet home or those with children 6+ who will be supervised with their rabbit play-time is ideal.

Skipper’s adoption fees includes: neuter, microchip, vaccinations, deworming, an adoption package from Royal Canin and a gift card from Ren’s Pets.

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