Wish list sign made of wooden blocks on a desk in a bright living toom

Most Needed Items

It’s no surprise that we go through lots of supplies caring for animals at the shelter. Here’s a list of our items we can always put to good use.

1. Gift cards for all local pet stores

2. Toys for rats, rabbits, cats & dogs

3. Canned PATE kitten and cat food

4. Timothy Hay

5. Canadian Tire Money

7. Heavy duty garbage bags (135L)

6. Liver and duck dog treats

8. Toilet paper and paper towels

+ KITTEN SEASON ITEMS: Kitten nursing kits with bottles and syringe tips, Miracle nipples, KMR (kitten milk replacer), Baby washcloths, Heating pads/discs, Stuffed animals with heartbeats for orphaned kittens, Digital kitchen scales.