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Yami and Yama

Yami and Yama

Yami and Yama were brought to us due to no fault of their own. They are bonded and rely heavily on each other for confidence and support. These one and a half year-old sisters must be adopted together and have a reduced adoption fee.

Yami (left) is a blue and white short-hair who is the more outgoing of the two. Her favourite pass-time is climbing so a cat-tree in her new home would be ideal. The only thing she likes more than climbing is her food!

Yama (right) is a pretty black and white short-hair with a white ‘skunk stripe’ down her back. She is very shy and lets her sister Yami take the lead. They enjoy each other’s company, playing, chasing and grooming each other. A cage-card, created by a young visitor, says “Loves Fish!” referring to the battery-operated floppy fish in their cat-pod!

This loving pair is looking for a nice quiet home, adults only, who will be patient with them as they settle into their new environment. They are timid and still learning to trust humans. Ideally, they would have their own room where they could live to allow them to settle into a smaller space without overwhelming them. They might hide for a while, until they get used to new smells, sounds and environment.

They could be friends with other cats with proper introductions and are curious about dogs. A resident dog would need to be quiet, ‘chill’ and well-mannered.

Despite being shy, Yami and Yama are ready for their second chance! Their reduced adoption fee of $200 includes: spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, deworming, an adoption package from Royal Canin and a gift card from Ren’s Pets.


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